Friday, August 15, 2014

Basics 7 - 12 of Deb's 26 Basics of Dating

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Since my time as being lovingly labeled as a “young single adult,” I have been told many times by many people the counsel “don’t settle!” But what does that phrase really mean? Does “not settling,” mean you have to find a guy that marks every box on your list? Or a guy that has no struggles or mood swings? Looking for that guy may leave you looking for a long time. The next 6 basics of "Deb's 26 Basics of Dating" give a little bit more insight on what it means to “not settle” but still keep your standards high.  enjoy!

Basics 7 - 12 

7. Is he mate-material? Get clearance from your Heavenly Father, then allow your heart to engage.

8. Is he personally accountable to his Heavenly Father?

9. Does he honor the Priesthood, and can lead and bless your home and family?

10. Do you have common interests?

11. Do you share common values, common goals, like opinions on basic life issues?

12. Does he want to marry for eternity? If he isn’t interested, DON’T waste your time.

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