Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What has Sister Miller been up to???

Here are some fun new pictures of our cute Sister Missionary! Keep on sending those great letters. She is really enjoying them. She sends her love to all and thanks you for your love and support! She is a great missionary and is blessed for her service!
My first trip to Cordoba! Exactly one week after I left Cordoba! These buses are amazing! Way nicer than planes!

High School Musical is even in Argentina!

The day before we left for Cordoba! A bird pooped on me and I walked with my hands like that for 10 blocks. haha. And I stepped on my companion and her shoe broke...oops! But she sewed it! A very funny day!

Walmart in Argentina! What!! How did that happen? :)
Las Latinas y la gringa! After our first zone meeting! I understood about 20%! We meet in our church.
Unlocking the door! I keep the keys throughout the day... boy is that a risky move or what! :)

Our Pension!

Bon Bon! no mommy we don't sit around eating bon bons all day! :) Cool that they have a candy called that huh!

After the zone conference in Cordoba with Elder Zivic (area Presidency counselor south america south). Understood more than I thought! And my companion was waiting for me to run out crying...(the first sister she trained did that!) haha but I didn't. And I wore a suit:)

Milk in a bag... What? I couldn't figure out how to pour it! I guess that is what you have companions for