Monday, August 11, 2014

Dating - Deb's Basics

Unconditionally loves you and boldly tells you how it is…I am under the firm belief that everyone should have a person in their life that fits that description!  Someone who reminds you what you’re worth and won’t let you settle for anything less.

Mama Koerner w/ granddaughter 
One of the people that plays that role in my life and plays it well is the spunky, southern bell Deb Koerner, a.k.a. Mama Koerner! She loves people to the core and, because of that love, shares wise words to inspire and shape the lives of those around her. Good, bad, ugly, and hard to hear… she lovingly gives counsel that others would normally shy away from giving.

On such an occasion where guiding and poignant words were needed, Mama Koerner once again rose to the occasion and eloquently shared “Deb’s 26 Basics of Dating.” These basics changed my perspective and attitude towards dating. So thanks Mama, and I hope you all find these 26 basics equally enlightening and directive.

Day 1: Basics 1 - 6 of "Deb’s 26 Basics of Dating"

1. If you are looking for an eternal companion let your Heavenly Father help you do the picking.

2. The decision for a mate must be made in a spiritual and intellectual basis before an emotional one.

3. Remember, the heart is willful and is driven by its own agenda. It does not consider things rationally and intelligently—it just loves to love.

4. Guard your heart—point it in the right direction.

5. Dating exists not for mating; it exists for collecting data. Use the time wisely to gather facts.

6. Friendship, courtship, and then marriage.

It is this bloggers belief that taking the time to do the "hard work" of dating is essential. You can fall in love with anyone for two weeks or even two months, but what about the next 50 years together? The next 2,100-ish ordinary Wednesday's you will spend together? Maybe instead of looking for Mr. Perfect... look for Mr. Progression, someone who strives to be their best self. Someone who is fiercely committed to the Lord, even in the little things, will then be fiercely committed to you. With that type of guy even the ordinary Wednesdays will be extraordinary because you will spend them all together. 

Come back tomorrow for the next 6 of Debs 26 Basics of Dating!

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